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Vernon R. Morris

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Graduate Program in Atmospheric Sciences


202 865 8678

202-865-8294 (FAX)

Research Interests

My group performs interdisciplinary research in chemistry, atmospheric, and environmental sciences. My research training and experiences have led me to approach scientific questions comprehensively – with a combination of laboratory, field, and theoretical approaches. My group is active as a participant and leader in field campaigns. Current observations include the AEROSE project, field sites in Puerto Rico, and a developing network in collaboration with several African Universities influenced by climate change in the Sahara and Sahel. The research themes that guide the current projects are: 1) the impacts of aerosols on global atmospheric chemistry, 2) the impacts of tropospheric aerosols on urban environment and health, 3) the interplay between weather and climate phenomena and atmospheric chemistry – “chemical meteorology”, 4) the impacts and evolution of aerosols during long-range transport – especially associated with the African easterly jet (AEJ) and biomass burning air masses of African origin, and 5) aerosol and gas-phase chemistry in extraterrestrial atmospheres

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