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Dean's Welcome

Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences

It gives me a great deal of pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Flagship of Howard University, the College of Arts and Sciences. I do hope that you have enough time to navigate and surf the wide array of crucial and exciting information about the college in particular and the university in general. Here you will find information concerning the special offerings that the students of the college enjoy from freshman matriculation to senior commencement. In all, the offerings and activities about which you will find copious information on this site provide exemplary opportunities for effective and successful student outcomes.

The College of Arts and Sciences is the oldest and largest college at Howard University. Its programs of study are divided into four sections, which include Fine Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. More than three thousand students major in one or the other of the twenty-one degree programs in the college, and many more students from other schools and colleges in the university take their general education and elective courses from departments and units of the college.

In addition to the degree-granting programs, there are units which provide academic support and further enrich the experiences of students. These include the Department of Comprehensive Sciences, the Educational Advisory Center, and the Writing Center, etc. Beside, you will find information on this site about programs that enhance the learning experiences of students of the college, including the Freshman Seminar which introduces students to the mission of the university and is compulsory for every incoming student; Undergraduate Research Symposium, which while not compulsory, is the aspiration of every student to participate in; and Study Abroad program which is designed to enlarge the geographical and cultural horizon of students and help them navigate the global village during the summer. Finally there is the Honors Program which is designed to challenge students of exceptional ability to explore the depth of research in various fields even as undergraduates of the university.

The college houses the Cobb Biological Anthropology Laboratory (Cobb Laboratory) named after W. Montage Cobb, who was a Professor Emeritus at Howard University. The Laboratory is used by students and faculty as well as many scholars from around the country. The Art Gallery provides access to student and faculty to the creative genius of Howard University faculty and students and the Center for Urban Progress gives students the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills to give back to society, thus fulfilling one of the important goals of the university to educate students so they can be useful to themselves and to the community.

Have fun and do come back again so you can keep up with new initiatives that appear daily on this site.

Segun Gbadegesin, Ph.D.
Interim Dean

Dr. Segun Gbadegesin
Interim Dean


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