Araujo, Ana Lucia *

Clark-Lewis, Elizabeth *

Kerr-Ritchie, Jeffrey*

Mabeko-Tali, Jean-Michel *

Medford, Edna *

Muraya, Petronella

Scott, Daryl*

Swan, Quito *

Taylor, Nikki

Tolbert, Emory*

Toungara, Jeanne

Tozzi, Christopher

Wright-Lewis, Kay


Carrington, Selwyn *

DeLeon, David

Dey, Balaram

Reidy, Joseph

In memoriam:

Aziz Batran (1941-2011)

* Graduate Faculty, authorized by the Graduate School to supervise MA thesis and PhD dissertations.


Balaram Dey

Dr. Balaram Dey teaching interests include World Geography, Climate, Man & Environment, Geography of Black Diaspora, Hydrology, Remote Sensing, and Natural Conservation. His research interests include the application of remote sensing in climatology, hydrology, snow and Ice, environmenttal monitoring, and climate change. Dr. Dey received research grants from: NSF, NASA, the Office of Naval Research, and the US Department of Education. He has sixty publications in the field of climatology, snow hydrology, environmental monitoring, agriculture, resource management, and ice dynamics. Dr. Dey current teaches World Geography; Climate, People & Environment; and Geography of Black Diaspora.

Balaram Dey
Professor of Geography
M.Sc. (NBU, 1965)
M.S. (Wisconsin, 1971)
Ph.D., University of Saskatchewan
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