Introduction to WeBWorK for students

(Have this guide with you when you first log into WeBWorK)

I. What is WeBWorK ?

WeBWorK is a system that allows professors to put homework problems on the web and allows students to solve these problems over the web.
Using WeBWorK, students may try to answer homework problems more than once. After each try, a message appears telling the student whether the answer is correct or not. This allows students to try to find out what they did wrong and hopefully to understand the topic of the question better.
Each WeBWorK problem set is individualized (each student has a different version of each problem - for example, the numerical values in the formulas may be slightly different).


II. How anybody can try out WeBWorK

Anyone with an internet connection can try out WeBWorK by following the directions in Part III below and using guest login.
PLEASE NOTE: **when logged into a practice account, your scores will not be recorded. Only when logged in to your own account will your grades count.

III. How to use WeBWorK to do your homework

Using WeBWorK is quite simple.
Below are the basic steps on how to get started.

NOTE: Most pages of WeBWorK also contain directions. Therefore, if you are ever unsure of what you should do, try reading the directions and descriptions on the page at which you are looking.

  1. Find a computer with access to Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari (or some other browser). The computer can be either your own or one in any of the university computer labs,
  2. Open your browser and go to the WeBWorK start page,
  3. Choose the link for your course
  4. This will get you to the main page of your course, where can log in.
    To log in, enter your Username and password, and click on the 'Continue' button.
    Usually, your Username is your first initial followed by your last name (for example gwashington). Your initial password is your HU student ID number (without the @ symbol).
  5. If your login is incorrect, you will be told so, and you can return to the login page and try again.
    If your login is correct you will see a page where you can do following:
  6. If you are printing out a problem set or looking at a summary of your homework scores, you are done. If you are viewing a problem set via a browser, you will see a page with the problems in the set you chose. To view and/or answer a problem, click on the number of the problem. Once you choose a problem, you will see the text of the problem with boxes for your answers. Enter your answers and click on the 'Check Answer' button. If you are working on a problem set that is already closed, you will have the option to see the correct answer or a solution if one is available (currently only a few problems have solutions available). To see the correct answer and/or solution, just check the box(es) and click on the 'Check Answer' button (you do not have to enter an answer to see the correct answer or solution). Once you have submitted an answer, you will be told whether your answer is correct or not. If not, you can try again. After you've tried a problem, you can either go to the next problem, the previous problem, or see the list of the problems again.
  7. If you want to check the status of your problems (e.g. to double check that your answers have been recorded), click on Grades in the Main Menu to see the scores.
  8. When you are finished, log out by clicking on "Log Out"at the top of the page.
  9. That's all, folks!

IV. Important facts to know