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Afro-Caribbean Philosophy

Phil 135

Dr. Patrick Goodin

This course examines the Afro-Caribbeana contribution to philosophic discourse. Afro-Caribbeana philosophy is here understood as a sub-division of Caribbeana philosophy, which encompasses Caribbean voices in the Caribbean proper as well as those who have resided or currently reside in Europe and the Americas. Afro-Caribbeana philosophy, then, is such work generated by or focusing on the concerns of the African-descended voices of the Caribbean.

As the Nobel-prize winning West Indian poet Derek Walcott remarks in his seminal essay “The Muse of History,” ‘[t]he common experience of the New World…is colonialism.’ And we may add modern European colonialism, imperialism, slavery, and racism. Our task then will be to:

• Subject such notions as colonialism, slavery, freedom, and racism to philosophical scrutiny in the context of Afro-Caribbeana experience,

• Explore the “look” and “shape” of philosophy as it comes to light through the prismatic luminosity of colonial and post-colonial Afro-Caribbeana experience, that is, see how philosophy is constructed through the experience of forced migration and enslavement in a new land, new language, and a multicultural matrix,

• Examine such notions as national and cultural identity, modernity and the Caribbean as the offspring of European modernity, oppression, race, color, and Afro-Caribbeana religiosity.


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