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Classical Ethics

Phil 110

Dr. Assaya Pascalev

This course explores four major approaches to ethics (moral philosophy): virtue ethics, deontology, consequentialism, and amoralism. Students are introduced to major classical and contemporary works in moral philosophy by philosophers as diverse as Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Mill, Nietzsche, T. Hill, P. Singer, S. Wolf, V. Held, D. Gautier. Some of the questions explored in class are: What is morality and what does it require of us? Why be moral? What is the relation between morality and the good life? What is the connection between individual happiness and the common good? How can ethical theory help us to solve difficult moral problems and live a meaningful life? Is abortion morally permissible? Do we have obligations to the victims of famine in distant countries? What is wrong with servility? Do we have duties to animals?

By the end of the course, students will develop a critical understanding of the major ethical theories covered in class, their principles, implications and limitations. In the process, students will learn how to evaluate complex arguments and how to present philosophical ideas in a clear and coherent manner.


African American Philosophy
Afro-Caribbean Philosophy
Ancient Egyptian Philosophy
Ancient Egyptian Philosophy
Ancient Greek Philosophy
Classical Ethics
Comparative Philosophy: Philosophical Explanations of Evil Across Cultures
Current Topics: Philosophy and Ethics of Appropriate Technology and Development
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Symbolic Logic


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