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History of Africana Philosophy

Phil 179

Dr. Segun Gbadegesin

Africana philosophy has come a long way: from the era of suspicion and denial regarding its authenticity as a philosophical project to a universal acceptance by the philosophical establishment. Not that it matters what the establishment does or does not do; only that it is all part of the history of the Africana philosophy project. It is this history that is the focus of this seminar.

Africana philosophy is the term that has been coined to account for the philosophical contributions of the people of African descent both in the homeland and the Diaspora. Therefore we will approach the course from the perspectives of the contributions on both sides of the Atlantic focusing on Africa, African-American and Afro-Caribbean contributions to this common history of philosophical thought and practice. The questions we will try to address include but are not limited to the following: what are the foundations of Africana philosophical thought? Who are the pioneers of Africana philosophical thought? What issues motivate Africana philosophical thought? How are those issues addressed and/or resolved? What role does the question of race and identity play in the philosophical practice of Africana people? How about values? To address these questions, we will focus attention on the idea and the precursors of Africana philosophy, pan-Africanism, philosophy of race, nationalism and the philosophy of liberation, ethnophilosophy and its critics, critical cultural philosophy and hermeneutics of Africana philosophy, African ethical systems, and Africana Womanist philosophy.

The objective of this seminar is to enable participants to appreciate the depth of Africana philosophy, to understand its nuances, and to identify the challenges that this disciplinary area still face. At the end of the seminar, students will be able to identify the different schools of Africana philosophy, match the names of scholars with the schools they belong to, identify the problems of each school, and be able to reconcile the differences.


African American Philosophy
Afro-Caribbean Philosophy
Ancient Egyptian Philosophy
Ancient Egyptian Philosophy
Ancient Greek Philosophy
Classical Ethics
Comparative Philosophy: Philosophical Explanations of Evil Across Cultures
Current Topics: Philosophy and Ethics of Appropriate Technology and Development
Current Topics: Africana Philosophy and Film
Environmental Ethics
Ethics and Public Policy
Ethics of Medical Care
Ethics of Medical Care
History of Africana Philosophy
Introduction to Ethics
Introduction to Philosophy
Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy
Medieval Philosophy
Modern Philosophy
Philosophy of Education
Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy of Religion
Philosophy of Social Science
Principles of Reasoning
Representative Thinkers
Seminar on Aristotle 
Symbolic Logic


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