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Philosophy of Religion

Phil 144

Dr. Marie Zermatt Scutt

Certain fundamental questions that occur to us as reflective beings are the following: What is the nature of the world around us? How did the world come to be? How are we to understand ourselves and our place in the world? Is there a divine being? Many religions present their adherents with a way of conceiving of the answers to such questions. As such these religious faiths make claims about reality, about the divine and about the relation of the human being to the divine. In considering the explanations provided by various religious faiths, one may begin to reflect critically about the different worldviews that they advocate. In this course, we will particularly be concerned with a central tenet in many religious faiths—the claim that there exists a divine being and that we have knowledge of the nature of this being. We will examine carefully the arguments for and against the conclusion that a divine being exists.


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