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Seminar on Aristotle

Phil 170

Dr. Patrick Goodin

The focus of this seminar is Aristotle’s De Anima or On the Soul. In ancient times, should was held to be the source of both motion/life on the one hand, and cognition on the other. In the De Anima, Aristotle will furnish not only a definition of soul but also offer a comprehensive analysis of perception, thought and imagination. We shall make a careful study of the text in order to learn more about soul, what soul is and its many functions.

We shall begin with a brief introduction to contemporary philosophy of mind and its roots in Descartes. Having articulated the modern concept of mind, i.e., the replacement for the older Aristotelian notion of soul, we move on to a systematic investigation of Aristotle’s psychology.


African American Philosophy
Afro-Caribbean Philosophy
Ancient Egyptian Philosophy
Ancient Egyptian Philosophy
Ancient Greek Philosophy
Classical Ethics
Comparative Philosophy: Philosophical Explanations of Evil Across Cultures
Current Topics: Philosophy and Ethics of Appropriate Technology and Development
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Seminar on Aristotle 
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