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Faculty - Charles Verharen

Charles Verharen

Professor of Philosophy and Departmental Chairman of Graduate Studies

Ph.D. Georgetown University

Representative Publications

in Philosophy:

1999 "An Ethics of Intimacy: Race and Moral Obligation" Radical Philosophy Review, 1:2, Fall 1998, pp. 89-97 (also appeared in Howard University Journal of Philosophy, 1:1, Fall 1997, pp. 20-26)
"Philosophy's Role in Ph.D. Programs at Historically Black Colleges and Universities." The Howard University Journal of Philosophy, 2:1, Spring 1999, pp. 27-34.
1998 "Environment, Culture, and Ethics: An African Concept of Evil." Présence Africaine, 158:2, Second Semester, 1998, pp. 47-62
1997 "In and Out of Africa: Misreading Afrocentrism." Présence Africaine, 156:2, Second Semester, 1997, pp. 163-185
"Philosophy and Critical Thinking". Inquiry: Critical Thinking Across The Disciplines, 16:3, pp. 64-75
"A Philosophical Approach to Teaching Reasoning". Thinking: The Journal of Philosophy for Children, 13:2, Spring 1997, pp. 30-36
"'The New World and the Dreams To Which It May Give Rise': An African and American Response to Hegel's Challenge." Journal of Black Studies, 27:4, March 1997, pp. 456-493
1996 "A Cultural Introduction to Philosophy". Teaching Philosophy, 19:1 March, 1996, pp. 65-80
"Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Universal Higher Education". In Proceedings of the National Conference on Ethics, Higher Education, and Social Responsibility, J. Ladner, and S. Gbadegesin, eds. (Washington, D.C.: Howard University Press, 1996), pp. 45-58.
1995 "Afrocentrism and Acentrism: A Marriage of Science and Philosophy".Journal of Black Studies, 26:1, September, 1995, pp. 62-76
"Self-Knowledge and History: Fanon and Afrocentrism". Philosophical Forum, 26:4, August, 1995, pp. 294-314
"A Core Curriculum for Historically Black Colleges And Universities: An Immodest Proposal". Journal of Negro Education, 62:2, Summer 1993, pp. 190-203
Review of Understanding Non-Western Philosophy: Introductory Readings, Daniel Bonevac and Stephen Phillips, eds. Teaching Philosophy,18:1, March 1995, pp. 90-93
"A Philosophy Professor Tries to Change Your Mind". Horizon (The Learning Section), Washington Post, September 13, 1995, pp. H1, H7
1983 Rationality in Philosophy and Science. Lanham, MD: University Press of America

on the Environment:

1999 "The Potomac--An Endangered River". Congressional Record, June 8, 1999, pp. E1165, E1166
1997 "Our Off-Color River". Outlook (Editorial Section), Washington Post, May 11, 1997, p. C8. Also printed in Congressional Record, May 8, 1997, p. E890
1996 "On Washington's Other Waterfront". Outlook (Editorial Section),Washington Post, April 28, 1996, p. C8
"Give Us Back Our Canal". Outlook (Editorial Section),Washington Post, March 31, 1996, p. C8


Research interests: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Education, Analytical Philosophy 
office: 310 Locke Hall 
phone: (202) 806-6779

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