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Core Courses

The core courses in the Graduate Physicsprograms are as follows:

PHYS-210/211 (Classical MechanicsI&II),
PHYS-214/215 (Electromagnetic Theory I&II),
PHYS-220/221 (Quantum Mechanics I&II) and
PHYS-222 (Statistical Mechanics I).

Students must make a grade of "B" orbetter in each of these courses that is required for their degree orplan of study.

Preparatory Courses

The level of preparation for studentsentering the graduate program is as follows:

Marion, Mechanics;
Reitz, Milford and Christy, Electricity and Magnetism;
Jenkins and White, Optics;
Zemansky, Thermodynamics;
Tipler, Atomic Physics.

Entering graduate students should havecompleted the equivalents of physics courses:

PHYS-175 (Thermodynamics, 1 - semester),
PHYS-176 (Optics, 1 semester),
PHYS-178/179 (Electricity and Magnetism - 2 semesters),
PHYS-182/183 (Physical Mechanics - 2 semesters),
PHYS-190/191 (Quantum Physics - 2 semesters),
PHYS-192/193 (Introduction to Mathematical Physics - 2 semesters),
PHYS-194/195 (Experimental Physics - 2 semesters), and
PHYS-196 (Senior Thesis).

Graduate School Requirements

Students should consult the Department andthe Graduate School ofArts and Sciences(GSAS) for other requirements not indicated here. Official informationfor degree requirements is given in the Graduate Bulletin and thepublication GSAS - Rules and Regulations for the Pursuit ofAcademic Degrees.


Weencourage online applications.

A complete application consists of:

1.A cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale is preferred,and a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in major course work isrequired. Each graduate department may have additional “specialadmission requirements” which are noted on this page.
2. Completed on-line application and signature page or download thepaper application.
3. The non-refundable $45 application fee (Waivers accepted for FAMUFeeder Program and McNair Scholars)
4. Official transcripts mustbe submitted directly from the Registrar’s Office from ALL colleges anduniversities attended
5. GRE Scores (Only official score reportsare accepted within 5 years of the test date)
6. Statement of Academic and Research Interest
7. Autobiographical Sketch (Personal biography)
8. Resume
9. Three letters of recommendation

International Applicants

Inaddition to the requirements listed above you must meet the following:official transcripts, certificates and/or mark/grade sheets must besent directly from the college or university to the Office of GraduateRecruitment and Admissions, and must show proof of degree(s) earned,courses taken and marks/grades received. Also, ALL transcripts must beevaluated by World Education Services ( or AACRAO( and be forwarded to Graduate Recruitment andAdmissions. TOEFL Scores (Minimum computer-based score of 213 isrequired and only official score reports are accepted within 2 years ofthe test date) Statement of Financial Resources Form (click here ) – A completed form that verifies proof of financialsupport (sufficient funds to cover expenses for one full year - $26,255in US Dollars only) and supporting financial documentation indicatingsources of funds while attending Howard University (such as a certifiedbank statement dated within 3 months of registration).


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