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Physics Majors

Major Requirements andGeneral Information

Thetotal major requirement consists of 39 credits and should begin nolater than the second year: 27 credits from section A (below and 12credits from section B (below). While not required, the one creditcourse, PHYS 196, senior Thesis, is strongly recommended for allstudents.

In addition to the physicsrequirements, there are other suggested courses in the program. CHEM003 and 004 are strongly suggested. Prerequisites for all of theupper-level physics courses are Math 156, 157, 158 and 159 ( CalculusI, II, & III and Differential Equations). If students are notreadyto take calculus on entering the University, they should take MATH 007.Advanced Calculus I & II or two semesters of upper levelmathematics courses are strongly recommended.

Thecollege language requirement may be satisfied with French, German, orRussian. Substitution of any other language will require departmentapproval.

Courses listed with two or morenumbers must be taken in the sequence indicated. The student shouldconsult the "Undergraduate Bulletin" for additional University andCollege of Arts and Sciences requirements.

A.Required Courses

3-semester introductory sequence and fiveupper-division courses.

a. PHYS 013/023 General Physics forScience and Engineering Students I (Lecture/Lab) (3 credits/ 1 credit)
b. PHYS 014/24 General Physics for Science and Engineering Students II(Lecture/Lab) (3 credits/ 1 credit)
c. PHYS 015/025 Introduction to Modern Physics (Lecture/Lab) (3credits/ 1 credit)
d. PHYS 175 Thermodynamics (3 credits)
e. PHYS 178 Electricity and Magnetism I (3 credits)
f. PHYS 182 Physical Mechanics I (3 credits)
g. PHYS 190 Quantum Physics I (3 credits)
h. PHYS 194 Experimental Physics I* (3 credits)

*WRTG 702 is the same as PHYS 194, butsatisfies the College's third writing requirement.

B.Elective courses

Fourmore courses are required to complete the physics major. These coursesmust be coherent and satisfy one of the following areas ofconcentration: (1) Professional Physics, or (2) Applied Physics.Applied Physics has several tracks for the student to choose from. See concentrationsfor further information.

Senior Comprehensive Exam

Thephysics senior comprehensive exam is a departmental graduationrequirement for undergraduate physics majors at Howard University. Theexam covers topics from the introductory physics courses 013, 014, 105and the upper division courses 175, 178, 182, 190, and 194. Studentswho earn an A grade in a senior thesis approved by the Department andin the senior comprehensive exam and who maintain the grade pointaverage designated by the College of Arts and Sciences, are eligiblefor departmental honors.


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