Graduate Political Science Association

The Graduate Political Science Association (GPSA) at Howard University serves as an advocate for graduate political science students. GPSA cultivates an environment which develops, encourages, and utilizes the analytical and technical skills, and capabilities of graduate political science students. In accomplishing this, GPSA works with the Department of Political Science, the Howard University community, and the larger community in the academic and professional arenas.

GPSA works in a collaborative effort with the department in order to create a research-centered, technology-infused, performance and results-driven institution that will prepare graduate students for leadership in the twenty-first century in both the domestic and international arenas.

GPSA organizes social events for students and faculty that contribute to the informal life of the department and that encourage greater faculty and student association.

Student Activities

Activities for graduate political science students are guided by GPSA. These activities are divided in five major areas:


  • GPSA Newsletter
  • Web Site


  • Community clean-ups
  • Tutoring programs
  • Mentoring programs


  • Faculty-Graduate Student Reception
  • Black Politics Reception
  • International Relations Reception
  • Series of lectures


  • Re-engineered Faculty Evaluations
  • Comprehensive Examinations
  • Departmental Self-Study Questionnaire


  • Student panels
  • Student workshops covering topics on:
    • How to handle stress and time management
    • How to get published
    • Tips for dissertation and comprehensive examinations
    • Internships/employment opportunities
    • (Bunche-Douglasss Debate Series)
  • Reception at the National Conference of Black Political Scientists
  • Race Initiative Conference

Standing and Ad HOC Committees

Community Outreach Committee (Standing)
Social Committee (Standing)
Faculty Search Committee (Ad hoc committee)
Communications Committee (Standing)
Curriculum/Professional Development Committee (Standing)
Graduate Student Council Representatives

Officers for the 2012-2013 School Year

The President, Dainia Lawes 
The 1st Vice President, Jennifer Felder
The 2nd Vice President, Carley Shinault
Secretary, Open
Treasurer, Rodney Campfield
Departmental Watch Committee Chair, Open
Resource Committee Chair, Open
Program and Public Relations Committee Chair, Open
Social Justice Committee Chair, Saidat Ilo
Faculty Advisor, Dr. Michael Frazier

To contact the Graduate Political Science Association, write to: or visit