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of Theatre Arts is an internationally acclaimed leader and producer of artistic merit. Each season the Department of Theatre Arts presents classical and contemporary plays in its two-theatre complex. These plays offer not only entertainment, but also a forum for ideas and discussion.

Academics: Musical Theatre

Performing Arts: Musical Theatre (120 hours)
Effective Fall 2013

Passing Strange

The purpose of the Musical Theatre Performance area of concentration is to produce professional, artist/scholars with the ability to excel on any theatrical stage, including, but not limited to, Broadway, Off-Broadway, touring, regional, international, cabaret and concert, both major and minor, commercial and not-for-profit. The program asserts that beginning with intense self-discovery and exploration, matched with dedicated focus on foundational technique, followed by an unyielding diligence towards artistic and scholarly excellence, performers become creative, high-quality artists. The program works to facilitate not just the creation of performers who are highly skilled technicians of singing, dancing and acting but passionate artists with a deep respect for the craft who use musical theatre to communicate with audiences about our shared human condition. For complete program philosophy, please click here.

Admission into this area of concentration is by audition and invitation only.

For more information regarding Musical Theatre Program Auditions, please click here.
To view the 4-year Course Scheme for Musical Theatre, please click here.



Dance Fundamentals I Dance Fundamentals II
Acting Tech. I (MT) Acting Tech. II (MT)
Voice for Musical Theatre Voice for Musical Theatre
Intro to Theory for MT Elem. ET / SS I for MT
Piano Music Theatre I Piano Music Theatre II
Freshman Composition Freshman Composition
Tech Production I Intro to Psych
OR Intro to Social Psych
Freshman Seminar  


Dance Fundamentals III Dance Fundamentals IV
Char/Scene Study I (MT) Char/Scene Study II (MT)
Voice for Musical Theatre Voice for Musical Theatre
Elem. ET / SS II for MT MT Standards
Tech Production II Basic Stage Lighting
OR Basic Stagecraft
OR Costume for Theatre
Stage Make-up/Lab Play Analysis
  Diction for the Stage


Tap I Tap II
Char/Scene Study III (MT) Char/Scene Study IV (MT)
Voice for Musical Theatre  Voice for Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre Techniques I Musical Theatre Techniques II
Theatre History I Theatre History II
Art Appreciation Blacks in the Arts


Jazz I Jazz II
Voice for Musical Theatre Voice for Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre Techniques III Musical Theatre Techniques IV
Humanities I Humanities II
Technical Writing (Pre-Prof.) Restricted Music Elective

NOTE:  Although some courses listed are less than 3 credit hours, the TOTAL number of Restricted Music Electives earned over the four years of study must equal at least 3 credit hours.

Elementary Harmony I – MUSB 021 (3 credits)
*With permission from the instructor ONLY
University Choir – MUTL 011, 012, 021, 022, 031, 032, 041, 042 (1 credit)
Jazz Vocal Workshop – MUTV 111, 112, 121, 122, 131, 132, 141, 142 (1 credit)
Functional Piano – MUSE 011, 012, 021, 022, 031, 032, 041, 042 (1 credit)
*With permission from the instructor ONLY
Orchestra – MUTJ 011, 012, 021, 022, 031, 032, 041, 042 (1 credit)
Theatre Practicum – THTT 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007, 008 (1 credit)
*Musicals ONLY, by audition
Independent Study:  MT Piano Accomp. – THMT 109 (2 credits)
*With permission from the instructor ONLY

This is a list of courses that satisfy the required Humanities I and II credits.

CLAS 014     Intro to Humanities I
CLAS 015     Intro to Humanities II
ENGL 014     Intro to Humanities I
ENGL 015     Intro to Humanities II
CLAS 016     Ideas in Antiquity
CLAS 101     Greek Literature
CLAS 102     Roman Literature
CLAS 103     Classical Art
CLAS 109     Classical Mythology
CLAS 111     Satire and Comedy in the Ancient World
CLAS 113     Women in the Ancient World
CLAS 114     Love in Antiquity
ENGL 054     Afro-American Literature to 1940
ENGL 055     Afro-American Literature since 1940
HUMA 107    Women in Literature

Courses that have multiple levels, e.g., 111, 112, 113, etc. or 011, 012, 021, 022, etc. are SEQUENTIAL and MUST be taken in order.  For example, you may NOT register for a 114 course without having taken 111, 112, and 113.

NOTE: Many of the courses listed have laboratory hours. Laboratory hours allow for practical application of the theoretical approach addressed in both classroom exercise and lectures. Lab hours vary depending on the expectations and/or demands of the class/production. All students should anticipate committing additional time outside of classroom instruction for Lab work.

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