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Information on learning how to navigate the system and seek opportunities: advising, academic policies, resolution processes, studying abroad, etc.

Academic Advising

  • We take advising very seriously at the College and expect our students to see an advisor at least once a semester.
  • Advising is currently offered through the Office of Undergraduate Studies (OUS).

COAS Student Council

In the College we encourage our students to become leaders and participate in activities that student council plans.                             

The student council website is the best source for event information. 



The College provides students with a variety of opportunities to gain experience in conducting research, developing creative works, internships, etc.

Students are encouraged to visit the COAS opportunities page for links to guest lectures, internships, research opportunities, and study abroad programs.

Resolving Issues

We hope that our students will never experience challenges during their tenure with the university.

If, however, you have an issue that needs to be resolved we have a set of procedures and processes that serve to assist our students with the grievance process.

Student Affairs

The essential mission of the Special Assistant to the Dean for Student Affairs is to recruit, retain, and enhance the experiences of students through extra-and co-curricular activities, undergraduate research, partnerships on-and off campus, international endeavors, special events and other relevant activities that complement the College’s academic programs.

The Special Assistant also seeks to develop relationships with alumni, private, government, community and corporate partners. Additional responsibilities include sponsoring and providing guidance to student organizations.

Student Conduct

All students are responsible to learning and respecting the university’s rules and regulations.

A copy of the student code of conduct is published annually in the University”s Student Handbook (The H-Book) [pdf]

Study Abroad Opportunities

Each year, the College of Arts and Sciences provides an opportunity for students to study abroad through faculty-led activities.

We encourage students to incorporate studying abroad in their college experience because we believe students benefit immensely from international travel.

Learn more about Study Abroad Opportunities.

Academic Resources

The pledge: I declare that the work being submitted is original, was completed without unauthorized assistance, and fully adheres to the university’s policies regarding academic integrity.

In the College of Arts and Sciences we encourage our students to take pride in their intellectual growth. Hence, we are asking students to commit themselves to producing authentic work and take the academic honesty pledge each time they submit a project, paper, or exam.

Regardless of academic major, all COAS students are required to complete a set of general education and divisional requirements in the divisions of fine arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences.

The number of requirements may differ from department to department, so students are urged to review carefully the requirements for their major. Contact your department for specific requirements.

The Mathematics Department offers students’ special tutoring sessions designed to supplement their course work.

Students enrolled in mathematics course are strongly encouraged use the resources provided by the lab.

In the College we believe it is imperative for students to demonstrate good writing skills before they matriculate through the university.

To aid students in their development the College offers students the opportunity to receive tutoring in the various phases of the writing process.

For more information, contact Professor William Harrell, Director of the Writing Center, (202) 806-4100,, Office: Locke Hall, Room 322.

Additional Resources