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Dean Forms Committee to Help Shape Future of COAS

COAS New Strategic Planning Taskforce Committee

By Aisiriuwa C. Archield | October 28, 2019 

With the vision of dynamic evolution, innovation and leadership within the world of liberal arts and sciences in mind, Dean Rubin Patterson set forth in forming a strategic planning taskforce to assist him in shaping the future of the College of Arts and Sciences at Howard University. On Tuesday, October 8, 2019 the taskforce committee, chaired by Dr. Quinton Williams; professor and chair of the Department of Physics, met for the first time in the Dean's conference room to discuss subjects like the college's mission, vision, and potential centers of excellence. After the seats were filled by an array of different stakeholders, they began sharing their ideas and carried out a healthy debate about what it really means to be a successful stakeholder within the College of Arts and Sciences. Cultivating research, reshaping degree programs, and career development for all are just a few ways the taskforce plans to promote the success of each stakeholder. The strategic planning taskforce is working to draft a blueprint that will lead the college to accomplishing the following:

  1. Development and prioritizing of strategies to modernize academic programs within COAS
  2. Fostering innovative interdisciplinary research for the time period covering academic years 2020-2025
  3. Solidifying experiential learning throughout the College
  4. Succeeding with development activities via the support of a vibrant Board of Visitors

With these goals in mind, the Strategic Planning Taskforce Committee produced a stakeholder survey and invited all COAS stakeholders to share their thoughts and give feedback. "[We] will depend on your input to help shape the plan and guide the future direction of COAS" said Dean Patterson in a recent message to stakeholders. 

You can read more about the Strategic Planninf Taskforce Committee by clicking here

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