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Times Higher Education Interviews Associate Professor of Classics Norman Sandridge

Norman Sandridge

The Times Higher Education recently interviewed Associate Professor Norman Sandridge, in the Classics Department, to discuss "his conservative upbringing, his move from science to the humanities and the need for better leadership" (-Paul Basken).


Paul Basken, Times Higher Education, sat down with Associate Professor Norman Sandridge, from Howard University's Classics Department, to gain more knowledge about who he is, what he does and his role at the Mecca.

"How did that academic transition go?

More than anything else, I remember having this thought that, scientifically speaking, in terms of STEM, the world was probably going to be all right without my contributions. I had discovered that you could study the ancient world in a really systematic way, and I felt the urgent need to address as many of the world’s problems as we could. And I didn’t think science and technology was going to fix all that.

As for Howard University, you don’t fit the profile.
I was finishing up my dissertation, and Howard was the first to hire me. There are a lot of functionality issues with Howard, but I don't know a university that’s more vital in 2019 than Howard University."

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