Howard University Digital Informers

A Knight Foundation Grant Research Initiative

Combating Misinformation about Democracy

Digital manipulation and voter suppression efforts disproportionately target communities of color and other marginalized groups


Howard University was awarded a $250,000 grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation to support new research on how digital manipulation and disinformation on the internet impacts Black communities. The grant is part of a series of investments by the Knight Foundation to support research on the rules, norms, and governance of the internet and social media platforms. Under the leadership of researchers Bahiyyah Muhammad, Ph.D., Roger Caruth, Ph.D., Ravi Perry, Ph.D., Brandon Hogan, Ph.D. and Keesha Middlemass, Ph.D., the research team will investigate how technology and misinformation on social media is used in the digital age to misinform members of the Black community in Washington, D.C. The idea for this research came after reports of continuing Russian interference in U.S. elections and amid the growing spread of misinformation on social media.

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Senate sergeant-at-arms: We need a vaccine for disinformation

CNN Newsroom

In an exclusive interview, Pamela Brown speaks with Karen Gibson, who in March was appointed the Senate sergeant-at-arms. Gibson says political rhetoric factors into the anger some Americans feel toward their elected officials and expressed concern for those who have fallen prey to conspiracy theories and "whacked-out ideas that are not based in fact."

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Classic Persuasion Theories - Selective Perception

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