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Only COAS majors qualify to apply for COAS scholarships.

We believe that education is a powerful tool that can transform lives and shape better futures. As part of our commitment to empowering bright minds and fostering academic excellence, we have created this scholarship page to offer a wide range of scholarship opportunities to deserving students like you! Our scholarships are designed to support students from diverse backgrounds, recognizing their unique talents, achievements, and potential.  

Through the generous contributions of our donors and partners, we can provide some financial assistance to outstanding COAS students who demonstrate dedication, leadership, and a strong commitment  to positively impact their communities and the world. 

Navigating through this page, you will find a comprehensive list of available scholarships, each with its own set of eligibility criteria and application process. The COAS Office of the Dean awards need-based, field of study specific, study-abroad, and demographic scholarships to eligible COAS undergraduates. Recipients are selected from a competitive pool of students based on the academic profile and details submitted in the applications.  We encourage you to explore these scholarship opportunities, read through the application guidelines carefully, and apply for the scholarship that aligns with your academic pursuits and aspirations.  

Thank you for visiting the COAS Scholarship Page! We believe in you and are excited to support you on your application journey.  


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Study Abroad Scholarships

Demographics Scholarships

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Audriana Hawthorne

Sophomore, Political Science

COAS Bison Testimony: Based on Need Scholarship Recipient 

I received my need-based scholarship from COAS during my spring semester of freshman year.  My family was trying their best to come up with whatever they could to pay but it wasn’t enough. It would be some months until I finally paid off my entire spring semester bill; I am extremely grateful for COAS helping me. Apply for a COAS scholarship even if you feel it might be pointless. Applying can only help you, not hurt you."

Sky Posey

Junior, HHPLS

COAS Bison Testimony: Study Abroad Scholarship Recipient 

My scholarship was for a study-abroad program. I traveled to Cartago, Costa Rica, for a Physical Therapy Shadowing program. This enriching experience significantly enhanced my academic journey by providing me with invaluable insights into the career field of a physical therapist, which undoubtedly will contribute to me excelling in my classes. Students are strongly encouraged to apply for COAS scholarships due to their invaluable aid and the dedicated staff's commitment to ensuring a seamless and hassle-free application process that prioritizes your best interests."

Cameron Humes

Junior, Political Science

COAS Bison Testimony: Demographics Scholarship Recipient 

I received a demographic scholarship for being from Birmingham, AL. This scholarship means a lot to my education. I will be able to take the burden off my parents who have sacrificed everything for me and my sister to live somewhat of a perfect life, and I will be able to graduate within the next two years without having to worrying about the financial burden of liberation through education." 

Ama Russell

Junior, Afro-American Studies

COAS Bison Testimony: Field of Study Scholarship Recipient 

I am forever indebted to COAS for my field of study scholarship! As an African American studies major, studying abroad in Senegal brought my coursework to life. I connected with my peers from around the globe while deepening my ancestral knowledge and gaining a greater sense of self. Students should apply for COAS scholarships because the scholarship opportunities will transform their collegiate experience!"

Scholarship Tips from a COAS Bison!

Top Advice for Successfully Applying for External Scholarships​!

Déja Daniel is a Senior, Criminology and Spanish Double Major, Political Science Minor from Atlanta, GA by way of Tallahassee, Florida. Déja was inducted as a 2023-2024 Flagship Ambassador and studied in Paris, France on issues of social justice. She has 4+ years of experience applying for and winning multiple scholarships: the Taco Bell Live Más Scholarship (3x Recipient), The United Negro College Fund Panda Cares Scholarship, the Wells Fargo Student Impact Maker Scholarship, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund Grosvenor Scholarship, and Scholarships (2x Recipient), amongst other notable scholarships. As a strong advocate for free higher education and graduating debt-free, Déja aspires to help as many students as she can achieve their educational goals with financial freedom through her social media platform known as Igniting Scholarly Confidence. This platform was created with the purpose of helping and encouraging students as they pursue scholarships and opportunities alike. As a 60x Scholarship Winner, Déja has spoken on several panels as a scholarship expert and enthusiast, including a COAS Scholarship seminar for 1,400 incoming freshmen and a webinar with the Scholarship Guru that garnered over 1,000 viewers. With her wealth of knowledge on scholarships, she is dedicated to the mission of reducing student debt through serving her community with knowledge, strategies, tips, and advice for securing scholarship success.