Experiential Learning

Creating Experiences Outside the Classroom

Experiential learning encompasses the process of actively reflecting on learning by doing and is concerned with concrete issues related to the learner, and the contextual learning space. The College is dedicated to ensuring that our students have at least one experiential learning opportunity prior to graduating. Doing so broadens one’s academic development by the transfer of knowledge gained in the classroom to adaptable, applicable, and practical situations. This can be accomplished through independent research, internships, and service learning.

Experiential learners have been known to develop increased self-awareness, motivation, and confidence, and transferable skills. These experiences exist outside of the classroom but are equally challenging and gratifying.

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Study Abroad in the College of Arts & Sciences

Studying abroad can be a life-defining experience that expands one’s social and cultural outlook. In light of this, it is important for students to think seriously about the best options.

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