Student Spotlight


Katherine Saint-Preux is a Sophomore Political Science major with a minor in Philosophy. This summer Katherine participated in the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) Summer Academy in Bologna Italy where she had the opportunity to spend four weeks of her summer exploring international affairs in the heart of Europe. Katherine currently serves as the COAS Flagship Ambassador Liaison for the SAIS Summer Program in Bologna Italy. Learn more about Katherine’s experience studying abroad in Italy below!

"Living for a month in a different country was a privilege that I aspire to recreate through my academic and personal goals. For the entirety of the month I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the culture of each city I explored and appreciate the Italian teaching style. The two courses I took encouraged me to revisit topics on a deeper level. For example, the first course “The (Geo)Politics of Organized Crime” provided me the platform to research, recontextualize, and spread awareness about the political and economic issue in my parent's home country, Haiti. I can proudly say that the experience has had a positive impact on my life and has inspired me to redefine my own perception of success."


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